Meet Laura and James

Hello my name is Laura Perry and together with my husband, James, we offer personal day tours of the area in which we live: the beautiful South Hams. Our team consists of just the two of us.

Either myself or James will be your driver and guide for the day.

Originally from teaching and engineering backgrounds, we have travelled the world and have lived and worked across the globe for a number of years. We love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. We have come to the conclusion that the South Hams has a bit of everything we love all in one place!

Full of wild landscapes, hidden gems, changeable weather, single track backroads, it has pubs, castles, gorgeous beaches, boats, moors and lots of fresh air!

At every turn is a photographers paradise! 

We strongly believe in sustainable tourism. Our eco-friendly tours use our 100% electric vehicle, providing both quality, comfort and a low carbon footprint. Our house, car and rental cottage are powered by green renewables and we use products which are eco friendly. We believe it can be possible to travel sustainably and responsibly and by offering low carbon tours we want to enable others to do the same. There is no need to compromise. Quality and sustainability can go hand in hand.

We are both fully licensed and insured.

Come be our special guests and let us show you around this very special place!